Mission Statement

 The Concerned Citizens of Burnside, Inc. mission is to truly represent the people who live and work within the designated boundaries of Burnside regardless of race, creed, color or national origin.  We are a public benefit organization.  We strive to be a proactive partner within the community on a local, city, state, county and federal level to enhance the quality and living conditions of the community, and to inform and educate the public.  We encourage development and historic preservation and renovation in the community.

Our purpose is to address the concerns of the homeowners, renters and residents of the organization.  We strive to empower people to exercise their right to vote and voice to make definitive decisions and necessary changes regarding quality-of-life issues.  We propose that working together in collaboration with others, e.g., local businesses, police department, churches, schools, alderman’s office and other public officials, will make us a more effective community and bring forth needed change to the community.  The Concerned Citizens of Burnside, Inc. will support any positive goal or venture which will enhance or strengthen our neighborhood.  

We look forward to working with various other organizations, businesses, local and state government, and neighboring communities so that living and life will be pleasant for everyone.  Your participation in our mission will be greatly appreciated.  Also, to help fulfill our aspirations to improve our neighborhood, educate and inform the public, we may receive grants and contributions in furtherance of our purposes. 

On certain occasions our needs not only include monetary donations but donations of food, entertainment, presentations, literature, workshops, handouts and other items that would be of interest or value to our Burnside residents.  We know you have a lot to offer including your time and talent.  If you donated to us last year, we want again to thank you for your generosity and support.